API Users

API Users are users that have access to Medium One’s platform through API endpoints. There are three different types of API Users:

  • API Basic User
  • API Registration User
  • API Business User

Note: API Users for each project are independent i.e. If you change the password for an API user on one project, it doesn’t change for any other project.


API Basic User

This role can create/retrieve/update/delete event data, retrieve/update their own user information, and fetch processed events. They cannot log in to the Medium One web portal.

There are 2 ways to create an API Basic User

  • Through the UI
    • Go to Setup > Manage Users on the navigation sidebar. Here, you can find a list of all your API Basic Users.
    • On the Setup → Manage Users page, click Add New User and fill out the username and password info then save.
    • After creating a new user, you should now see it appear on the Manage Users page. You may have to refresh to see this change.
  • Using cURL commands

Via the Medium One API, API Business Users can create, update, and delete API Basic Users. In addition, API Registration Users can create API Basic Users, but they cannot update or delete them.

API Basic Users can also be disabled or enabled. By default, all API Basic Users are enabled once created. If they are disabled, they cannot send any event data nor can any data be sent on their behalf. Check out our CRUD Basic Users doc to learn more.

Users that can disable an API Basic User:

  • Themselves
  • API Registration Users
  • API Basic Users

Users that can enable an API Basic User:

  • API Registration Users
  • API Basic Users


API Registration User

This role can only create API Basic Users. This role is intended for environments such as self-registering a new user from a mobile application.

Creation, updates, and deletion of API Registration Users are done through the Manage Administrators web page.


API Business User

This role is a trusted account that can access all API Basic Users’ data and is intended for cloud-to-cloud integration.

Creation, update, and deletion of API Business Users are done through the Manage Administrators web page.