After setting up a Medium One account and sending in some data, you'll want to learn about the many ways you can visualize it. Here, you can learn about each of the widgets we have and what they can do. 

Widgets are classified into 3 different types:

  • Display Charts - Single User : A widget that displays data for one of your users
  • Display Charts - Grouped User : A widget that displays data for all of your users
  • Controllers : A widget that allows you to send data

After logging into Medium One, navigate to your Dashboard. Here, you will find a list of widgets you can add to visualize/send your data.

Click any of the boxes to open that widget on the Dashboard. Then, select the necessary parameters. If you have a Display Widget, it will then display the data. If you have a Controller Widget, it will be ready to send data.

There are many ways you can customize your Dashboard to any Widget/Parameter/Configuration:

  • Click and drag widgets to reorder them.
  • Click the Close icon to remove a widget from your Dashboard.
  • Click the Save icon to save the current configuration of your Dashboard. Every time you log in, you will now see the same configuration.
    • Note: Dashboard Views will vary across different Web Administrators.
  • Click the Save As icon to save the current configuration of your Dashboard to a new Dashboard View. You will have to name this new View.
  • Click the Views Dropdown to see all the Views you have and switch between Views.