Credentials Library

These functions provide access to a Credential store. The purpose of using this library is to allow retrieval of credentials from within a workflow so that they can be maintained in one place without the need to update code when credentials are updated. The 3rd Party APIs that Medium One currently supports are Twilio (SMS), Mandrill (email), Google (Location), Google (Calendar), Maxmind (IP Geolocation), and Zendesk (support tickets).

Credentials for external APIs can be defined under Setup -> External APIs.



To use this library and its functions, you must use the import line at the beginning of your Base Python code.

import Credentials




Usage: Credentials.use(credential_id)

Retrieves credentials from store. Credential ID can be found under Setup -> External APIs.
The object retrieved contains {key: value} pairs where the key is the name of the parameter required by the external API

  • Credit cost: 0
  • Parameters:
    • credential_idstr the ID string corresponding to the credential.
  • Returns: object
  • Example:

    • Sample Code:

      import Credentials
      creds = Credentials.use("299596909574889472")
      # sets 'creds' to {"API key": "ADFIJHIRNR-KHFJBR-DKJFEHIRU-DJWIHEFRU", "username": "myusername"}