FCM Library

This library is used to send push notifications to devices using Firebase Cloud Messaging.



To use this library and its functions, you must use the import line at the beginning of your Base Python code.

import FCM





Usage: FCM.send_fcm_notification(keyregistration_idsbodysound=None, badge=None, title=None, icon=None, tag=None, color=None, click_action=None, body_loc_key=None, body_loc_args=None, title_loc_key=None, title_loc_args=None, data=None, priority='high'))

Send an FCM notification to the devices identified by registration_ids. For parameter definitions refer to the Downstream HTTP JSON tables.

  • Credit cost: 1
  • Parameters:
    • keystr|unicode FCM API key
    • registration_idslist see Table 1
    • bodystr|unicode see Table 2a/b
    • soundstr|unicode see Table 2a/b
    • badgestr|unicode see Table 2a/b
    • titlestr|unicode see Table 2a/b
    • iconstr|unicode see Table 2a/b
    • tagstr|unicode see Table 2a/b
    • colorstr|unicode see Table 2a/b
    • click_actionstr|unicode see Table 2a/b
    • body_loc_keystr|unicode see Table 2a/b
    • body_loc_argsstr|unicode see Table 2a/b
    • title_loc_keystr|unicode see Table 2a/b
    • title_loc_argsstr|unicode see Table 2a/b
    • datastr|unicode see Table 1
    • prioritystr|unicode see Table 1
  • Returns: None
  • Raises: FCMException on error

Sample Code

import FCM

FCM.send_fcm_notification(app_key,[FCM_token],notification['message'], sound="chime”)