Twilio SMS Library

The following functions provide Twilio SMS messaging capability. If you do not have a Twilio account, you can use the SMS Library instead although it will use 100 Workflow Credits instead of 1.



To use this library and its functions, you must use the import line at the beginning of your Base Python code.

import Twilio




Usage: Twilio.sendSMS(senderrecipientbodyaccount_sidauth_token)

Send an SMS message from sender phone number to recipient phone number.

  • Credit cost: 1
  • Parameters:
    • senderstring sender's phone number (North America only).
    • recipientstring recipient's phone number (North America only).
    • bodystring the body of the message.
    • account_sidstring user provided Twilio Account SID number.
    • auth_tokenstring user provided Twilio authentication token.
  • Returns:
    • the result is None if all goes well, or an error message from the service

Sample Code

import Twilio

result = Twilio.sendSMS('5555555555','5555555555','Hello from Medium One!','YOUR_TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID_HERE','YOUR_TWILIO_TOKEN_HERE')