Super Admin are able to customize dashboards, portal pages, and email templates in order to brand the portal as their own and show, process, & create data as they wish.


Dashboard Builder

In order to access the Dashboard Builder, go to "Developer" > "Dashboard Builder". This has two parts: Custom Pages & Built-In Pages.


Custom Pages

With custom pages, you can:

  • Create, edit and delete custom dashboard pages for desktop, mobile, or both.
  • Assign permissions for each dashboard page based on end-user's role or type of subscription they have.  For example, if your product has multiple plans you can assign different pages to different plans.
  • Specify if the custom page should be listed on the left nav bar & drag + drop pages in the list to re-order the nav bar.


Built-In Pages

The portal also allows you to customize built-in pages, such as the Login page, Reset Password Page, and more.mceclip1.png


Email Templates

In order to access the Email Template Editor, go to "Developer" > "Email Templates".


From this page, you can:

  • Modify the subject + content of each email sent from the portal
  • Enable + disable emails 
  • Send test emails