Getting Started with Super Admin

To get started, you'll need Super Admin access to your portal.  You will need to request a Super Admin account if you don't already have one from

Super Admin has mandatory two-factor authentication with a code sent to your email upon login.

Super Admin Pages

Once you log in, you'll see a menu on the left-hand side.


Once you login you will notice a menu that looks similar to this.  

  • Accounts - This is a list of all customer accounts (also referred to as "tenants").  
  • Users - This is a list of all the end-users of your portal.  These users are linked to one or more account.  Each user is identified by their email.  If a user is linked to more than one account, they can switch between their accounts once they log in.
  • Devices - This is a list of devices linked to your portal from your IoT Platform and are automatically shown here.  Devices that are linked to your portal are not necessarily linked to an Account. 
  • Device Types -  This is an optional feature to allow you to create device types to assign to devices (available with Medium One portal theme).
  • Account Types - This page allows you to create account types to assign to accounts.
  • Developer - Developer-specific tools

The Developer section contains the following pages:

  • Dashboard Builder - This is where you can create customized dashboard pages and modify fixed pages such as the Login and Password Reset pages.  This is where the customization code will reside and where you will spend most of your time developing. 
  • Email Template - This is where you can customize the design of each system email to the end-user, such as a Welcome Email, Password Reset, and more.
  • Advanced Config - This is a configuration page to specify a wide variety of settings, such as the name of your portal, icons, logos, images, 3rd party API keys, and much more.
  • Manage Super Admins - This is a list of all the Super Admins and Super Users.