How To Modify An Account

The section describes how to modify various aspects of an Account.  Note: The following describes the default Account Manage page.  Your page may be different if it has been customized.

To access an account, login as the Super Admin -> Click Manage Accounts -> Click on the Account you want to modify.

On the Account Page, you'll be able to perform the following accounts.

  • View and unlink existing users from the account
  • Link other users to the account (note a user needs to be created via the Manage Account Users section first)
  • View and unlink devices from the account
  • Link additional devices to this account


Child Accounts

You can link a child Account to another Account.  By doing so, all Users of this Account will have access to the child Account but not visa versa.


Switch to Account View

This button enables the Super Admin to login to the account and view it as the account Admin.


Edit Account Details

This button will allow you to view and edit additional account details. 

Here you can: 

  • Change account name
  • Assign an account type.  Account types are used to assign custom pages.
  • Assign billing plans.  This is used if you linked your merchant account.