How to Link / Unlink a Device to / from an Account

This section describes how you can link and unlink a device to/from an account.  By linking a device to an account, all users of that account will have read/write access to that device.

Note: By default, a device can only be linked to one account.  You can change this User Portal permission.  Refer to the Advanced Config section to change this setting.

  1. Login to your Super Admin account
  2. Click on Account in the side bar
  3. Click on the Account you want to change
  4. Go to the Linked Devices section 

To link a device:

Click "Link Device from IoT Platform"; you'll need to link the device by the basic user id of the device from the Medium One IoT Platform

To unlink a device:

Click "Unlink" next to the device. 

Note: If you are removing a device from the platform, you must unlink it from its accounts first. Deleting a device on the platform does not unlink the device from accounts.