How do I link my portal to my domain?

These instructions will explain how to change your portal URL to app.<yourcompany>.com.

Before Starting, You Need:

  • Ownership of your domain
  • A wildcard SSL for your domain with the common name in the SSL cert as *
    • If you don't have a wildcard SSL cert for your domain, Medium One can help you purchase one.

Setting it Up

STEP 1: Point URL to Medium One

Add a CNAME host DNS entry to your domain.  Point that CNAME to

  • I.e. => CNAME =>

You might want to add multiple entries (one per user portal environment).

  • I.e.,, and

STEP 2: Send the SSL Cert to Medium One

We will need both the cert_file.key and cert_file.pem.  Make sure the entire chain is in the .pem; some certificate authorities provide the complete bundled cert separately.

We will also need to know your DNS entry names (ie,, and

Contact to share your SSL Cert and Secret key.   Please keep the cert and key safe and treat it as any other form of credentials.