How to link Medium One outgoing sender emails to your domain

This article describes how you can link outgoing emails to your own domain.  This is useful if you want to send emails to end-users with a sender email other than (i.e

The User Portal uses Mandrill (owned by Mailchimp) as the email delivery provider.  

This only applies to emails generated by the User Portal such as, welcome emails, forget passwords, 2FA. 

For emails generated by Workflows, refer to the Mandrill library in the Workflow section where you can provide the same Mandrill key there as well.


How to Sign Up for a Mandrill Account

1. Sign up for a Mailchimp Account

2. Sign up for the Mandrill option under your Mailchimp account

3. Once you launch Mandrill, you'll need to verify ownership of your domain

4. Generate an API key from Mandrill

Contact if you require assistance.


How to add Mandrill API key to your User Portal

1. Go to the Advanced Config page for the portal

2. Add the following key, value pairs to the dictionary:

"MANDRILL_API_KEY": "<api key>",
"SENDER_EMAIL": "<sender email registered with your Mandrill account>",

3. Save Advanced Config



If there was nothing in your Advanced Config before, your Mandrill API Key is "ABC" and "" is registered with your Mandrill account, your advanced config should look like this: