How to delete duplicate email templates

If you have recently upgraded from an older version of the User Portal and have multi-language support, you may see duplicate email templates. As a Super Admin, follow these instructions to delete duplicate email templates.


STEP 1: Log in as Super Admin

STEP 2: Go to "Config Email" page

STEP 3: Click on one of the duplicate templates

STEP 4: Get email ID and language from URL

The URL will be in the format:

<base portal URL>/web/#/app/sa_email_config/<email ID>/<language>

STEP 5: Use endpoint to delete duplicate template

Use a GET request on the following endpoint to delete the duplicate template:

<base portal URL>/api/v2/email_configs/<email ID>/<language>/delete_custom


NOTE: This will only delete duplicate templates. You cannot delete any of the original templates.