How do I create a basic user in a workflow?

Special Output User Nodes enable workflows to create API Basic Users.


STEP 1: Contact Medium One

Your project needs special permissions in order to create a basic user from a workflow. Please contact to get these permissions.


STEP 2: Add an Output User Node to your workflow.

This can be found in the "Outputs" under "OutputUserNode". Note that this will not show up if you have not been given proper permissions first.

Be sure to drag and drop the output into the workflow and connect the output to your Base Python module.



STEP 3: Select Stream for Output

Double click on the Output User Node and select a stream.


This does not send data to the stream, but it is required for the workflow to properly activate.

STEP 4: Create User in your Base Python Code

This code below is for output "out1", be sure to change this if you are using a different output.

Your password must be between 8 and 20 characters long and contain an uppercase character, a lowercase character, and either a number or symbol.

IONode.add_to_output_list('out1', {'login_id': <login id>, 'password': <password>})