Managing Account Users as Account Admin

This article describes how to manage users within the portal as an Account Admin user. To learn how to manage accounts through our JavaScript endpoints, go to CRUD Users.

For each section, it is assumed you are logged in as an Account Admin.

Create an account user 

Note: The following describes the default Users page.  Your page may be different if it has been customized.

To create a user:

  1. Click on Manage Users
  2. Click on Add button 
  3. Provide Email (this will be user's login username), Name, and Role
  4. Click Add 

The user will be created and linked to the current account.

Retrieve all users

To see all users linked to account:

  1. Go to Manage Users page 


Update user

To access a user:

  1. Click on Manage Users
  2. Click on user you want to modify

On the User Page, you'll be able to perform the following actions:

  • Edit user role
  • Unlink user from account


Delete user

An Account Admin cannot delete a user from the portal; they can unlink a user from the account as described in "Update user".