Advanced Features

You can use the following Advanced Configs to specify more advanced features related to billing. All of these are key, value pairs that can be set on the Developer > Advanced Config page as a Super Admin.




Used for binding billing with account types feature. This setting auto-assigns account type to tenants with the corresponding billing plan.

  • Default Value: None
  • Type: dictionary
  • Usage: Mapping of billing type name to account type name. 
  • Example:
    • {
          "Billing Plan A" : "Account Type A",
          "Billing Plan B" : "Account Type B"
    • In the example, "Account Type A",  "Account Type B" are names of account types; "Billing Plan A", "Billing Plan B" are the name of billing plans
    • When a tenant subscribes to "Billing Plan A", it will be assigned to "Account Type A" automatically.


Security key required for Workflow endpoint /api/v2/billing_check_subscription endpoint (documentation coming soon)

  • Default Value: None
  • Type: string


Assigns a default plan whenever a new tenant is created. 

  • Default Value: None
  • Type: string
  • Usage: Use billing plan name as the value. Make sure it is a correct plan name and the plan is free on Stripe.


When the tenant subscribes to any of the listed plans, linked devices' events in platform will be disabled and the tenant will not be able to link devices. This action will also set ```up.event_disabled``` tag value correspondingly for any linked devices (True means disabled).
  • Default Value: None
  • Type: list
  • Usage: a list of billing plans (using billing plan name). 
  • Example:
  • ['Billing Plan A', 'Billing Plan B', ...]
  • Note: When the value is set (even as an empty list), it will disable linking devices when unsubscribed