Advanced Config

The Advanced Config section of the portal enables you to customize your portal to a finer degree and access many features. In order to access the Advanced Config, you must be logged in as a Super Admin. 


How to Use

To access the Advanced Config as a Super Admin, go to "Developer" > "Advanced Config".

The Advanced Config is a JSON dictionary of key, value pairs.

To see the full list of possible keys and guidelines for their values, click the "Help" button on the page.


Basic Configuration Options

This section will go over some of the basic options you have in the Advanced Config in order to start customizing your portal experience.

  • PROJECT_NAME: Name of the portal, used in email templates.
  • LOGO_URL: URL of logo for header + email templates. For best results, use a log with 60px height.

  • BG_URL: URL of background used for project on logged out pages (Login, Sign Up, etc)

  • VENDOR_URL: URL of portal. Used in email templates. Must start with "https://".

  • FAVICON_URL: URL of favicon
  • CUSTOM_CSS: String containing common CSS to use through every page.
  • ENABLE_CORE_PAGES: Dictionary where keys are core pages (ie "sa_manage_tenants"), and values are a boolean determining whether or not page is visible in nav bar.