How do I add my Terms and Conditions to the portal?

In order to add your Terms and Conditions to the portal, you'll have to modify the Advanced Config. If you haven't read the Advanced Config doc yet, please read that before proceeding.


Set T&C to external URL

If your T&C is already hosted on your own website, you can set the URL and it will show when someone signs up for your portal. Check out Enabling Self-Sign Up to learn more about allowing users to sign up for your portal.


To set the T&C URL to your own, add the following to your Advanced Config:

"TERMS_URL": <your URL>


Show a T&C page upon first login

Instead of a URL during sign up, you can instead show a page when a user logs in for the first time (or you can do both!).

This page cannot be an external URL and must be a public dashboard page without tokens.

In order to do this, add the following to your Advanced Config:

"USER_TERMS_PAGE_ROUTE": <route for the public dashboard page>

For the route, don't include the "public" portion of the URL; e.g. instead of "/public/terms_and_conditions", just use "terms_and_conditions"